Meet Our Trainers

Jason Cardinali

D.C., M.S., C.S.C.S."


  • Associates Degree Allied Health
  • Bachelors Degree Kinesiology (study of human movement)
  • Masters Degree Applied Clinical Nutrition
  • Doctoral Degree Doctor of Chiropractic
          -Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
          -Certified TRX Instructor
          -Certified Master Trainer
          -Certified Kickboxing Instructor
          -Certified Pilates Instructor
          -Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor
          -Certified Weight Management Consultant
          -Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant

Dr. Jason Cardinali is a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer with over a decade of fitness experience.  Over that period of time, he has trained hundreds of clients with varying goals and abilities including children, adults, seniors, elite athletes, sports teams, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with injuries.

Outside of the gym, Dr. Jason practices Chiropractic at Lake Erie Spine & Injury Center and teaches nutrition for the University of Phoenix online.

  • NETA (National Exercise Trainer Association)
  • License Esthetician

Why did you become a floor trainer? I get great joy in teaching others how to increase their overall health and body compactions.

What is your workout regimen like?  I like to work out a minimum of 6 days a week, with a good mix of aerobic exercise and strength training.  You will see me taking a variety of the cardio classes that the Club offers.

Besides gym workouts, what else do you do to contribute to your health?  I am always trying to improve my diet..  A healthy diet is very important for overall health.

What advice would you give others regarding their workouts/health?
Stay away form the scale!!!! If you must weigh yourself it should be done 1st thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, same environment, same amount of clothes and same scale.

What are some of your hobbies outside of the gym?  I am an avid runner and bicyclist.  I also, enjoy competing in Bikini/Figure competitions. 

What's one of your favorite motivational quotes? 
Be yourself, live your life for you.  The truth is the only opinion you should worry about is your own.